Funding 3D-Printed Gun Documentary: Bitcoin Wallet Maker Takes Charge

Samourai Wallet, the well-known advocate for privacy, has recently taken on the role of executive producer for a new film entitled “Death Athletic.” The film centers around the controversial figure of Cody Wilson, known for his involvement in the creation of ghost guns.

Ghost guns are untraceable firearms that can be assembled at home using various components. These weapons have raised concerns among law enforcement agencies and gun control advocates due to their potential use in illegal activities. Cody Wilson gained notoriety when he distributed blueprints for 3D printed guns online, sparking a heated debate on the accessibility and control of weapons.

By associating itself with “Death Athletic,” Samourai Wallet seems to be aligning with Wilson’s perspectives on privacy and secure transactions. Samourai Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that prioritizes user privacy and offers features like coin mixing to enhance anonymity in transactions. This partnership suggests a shared belief in individual autonomy and the importance of privacy in today’s digital world.

“Death Athletic” aims to shed light on Wilson’s ideologies and his fight for the freedom to 3D print firearms. As an executive producer, Samourai Wallet not only contributes to the funding of the film but also plays a significant role in shaping its narrative. By supporting this project, the wallet provider sends a strong message about its commitment to advocating for privacy rights and the decentralization of power.

The decision to back a film centered around Cody Wilson undoubtedly raises questions about the intentions and values of Samourai Wallet. While it is important to emphasize that these partnerships do not necessarily reflect the opinions or stances of every user of the wallet, it brings attention to the larger debate surrounding privacy, firearms, and the role of technology in shaping individual freedoms.

Samourai Wallet’s involvement in “Death Athletic” might be seen as a bold move, as it opens itself up to potential criticism and controversy. However, it also provides an opportunity to engage in the conversation about privacy and personal rights in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. By participating in this project, Samourai Wallet demonstrates its commitment to standing up for individual freedoms and pushing the boundaries of societal norms.

In conclusion, Samourai Wallet’s decision to become an executive producer for the film “Death Athletic” showcases its dedication to privacy and individual autonomy. This partnership with Cody Wilson, known for his involvement in the creation of ghost guns, sparks a larger conversation about the balance between personal freedom and public safety. While the debate surrounding firearms and digital privacy continues to evolve, Samourai Wallet’s involvement in this film highlights their commitment to raising awareness about these topics and advocating for a more transparent and decentralized future.

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