Temporary removal of MetaMask from App Store by Apple

Ethereum wallet MetaMask experienced an outage on October 14th, causing concerns within the crypto community that it had been removed from Apple’s App Store. MetaMask, which is connected to various decentralized applications (DApps) on the Web3 platform, boasts a user base of over 30 million worldwide.

Users on Apple devices noticed that the MetaMask app disappeared from the App Store and were unable to download it from the official MetaMask website. However, a spokesperson from MetaMask clarified that the issue was unrelated to any security breach or malicious activity. The company’s dedicated team was working diligently to resolve the problem, ensuring users that there was no compromise and no action required on their part. Additionally, the spokesperson stated that the app’s functionality was unaffected.

The temporary removal of MetaMask from the App Store is likely due to Apple’s service policies. The guidelines prohibit apps from running “unrelated background processes” such as cryptocurrency mining. While MetaMask assures its users that the app will be back on the App Store soon, they urged caution against fake MetaMask apps, urging users to report them immediately.

This is not the first time MetaMask has faced challenges with major tech marketplaces. In December 2019, the company was suspended from Google Play’s app store for allegedly violating financial services guidelines. Google cited its policy against cryptocurrency mining on mobile devices and rejected MetaMask’s appeal to reverse the ban.

Apple’s guidelines also present obstacles for crypto firms. These guidelines require app developers to share 30% of transaction revenues, which has been a barrier for firms wanting to offer iOS users the ability to purchase nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

The recent incident with MetaMask highlights the ongoing struggle between decentralized applications and major tech marketplaces. While these marketplaces aim to ensure security and compliance, they often impose restrictions that hinder the growth and adoption of innovative technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As users increasingly rely on decentralized apps for various purposes, it is crucial for app developers and marketplaces to find common ground that allows for seamless integration and user-friendly experiences.

In conclusion, the temporary removal of MetaMask from Apple’s App Store sparked concerns within the crypto community. However, it was clarified that the issue was not related to any security concerns, but rather Apple’s policies regarding background processes. MetaMask assured its users that the app would be back on the App Store shortly. This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by decentralized app developers in major tech marketplaces, and the need for collaboration and understanding to foster the growth of innovative technologies.

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