An Australian Fed Up With Our State Governments Still Trying to Peddle the Covid Fraud

An Australian Fed Up With Our State Governments Still Trying to Peddle the Covid Fraud

To Nicola Spurrier
Acting as Chief Public Health Officer
SA Health
Government of South Australia
30 September 2022
Dear Nicola,
Well, here we are again, with ever mounting evidence piling on the shovel which is digging the hole of no return for you and your department. At what point will you and your department stop peddling the COVID 19 Drug and lift all restrictions related to this virus, or are you determined to hold on to the un-elected power bestowed upon you?
As usual, I expect no response, why would I, when a Judicial review couldn’t even pin you down for questioning, however, as well as all my other correspondence to you, this one is also publicly available for the record.
So, let’s get to some more fresh dirt for that shovel shall we.
I’ll start with this newly released peer reviewed paper by one of the U.K.’s most eminent Consultant Cardiologists Dr. Aseem Malhotra – Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine – Part 1.
“Conclusion: It cannot be said that the consent to receive these agents was fully informed, as is required ethically and legally. A pause and reappraisal of global vaccination policies for COVID-19 is long overdue.”
CHD.TV Exclusives’ with Aseem Malhotra, M.D. – Discussing his Peer reviewed paper


And this is from the Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS) – COVID 19 Evidence Based Information
Who recently hosted this event, Reclaiming Medicine Conference.

And something you might want to chat to the Premier about, real politicians who care about the citizens they represent putting together inquiries – The COVID Enquiry 2.0

And this Review Article from Australia’s Conny Turni and Astrid Lefringhausen – COVID-19 vaccines – An Australian Review
“Conclusion – Never in Vaccine history have 57 leading scientists and policy experts released a report questioning the safety and efficacy of a vaccine [93]. They not only questioned the safety of the current Covid-19 injections but were calling for an immediate end to all vaccination. Many doctors and scientists around the world have voiced similar misgivings and warned of consequences due to long-term side effects. Yet there is no discussion or even mention of studies that do not follow the narrative on safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccination.” – [93]

And this from Australian Emeritus Professor Ramesh Thakar – Stop Vaccinating Children for Covid: It’s Neither Medically Justified Nor Ethical.

On top of all that damning information about the COVID Drug, there continues to be a steady stream of information talking into the unprecedented response to COVID by throwing out traditional pandemic measures, and we are now observing the catastrophic results of this, comprehensively covered by Gigi Foster and Ramesh Thakur

So, Nicola seeing that this responsibility is bestowed upon you – “The Chief Public Health Officer role has accountability for public health and communicable disease issues. The Chief Public Health Officer also advises the Minister and the Chief Executive about proposed legislative or administrative changes related to public health and about other matters relevant to public health.”
With the ongoing mounting evidence, it seems you are responsible for, but have been protected from scrutiny over the following:
• The South Australians who lost their jobs due to mandates
• The South Australians who lost their homes
• The South Australians who were coerced to take a drug which is still in trial phase
• The South Australians who were being discriminated against
• The South Australians who became victims of financial hardship, anxiety, depression, suicide, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, missed medical procedures, elderly dying without loved ones, etc. All due to the measures portioned out by elected and unelected bureaucrats.
• The South Australian children who missed essential schooling and suffered developmental delays due to mask mandates.
• The South Australian Children in state care who were mandated to take an experimental drug, even though the evidence that they were at near zero risk of this virus is overwhelming.
• The South Australian people, living with a disability who were not properly provided informed consent to receive an experimental drug.
• The South Australians businesses who had to close their doors due to unscientific lockdowns
• The South Australians businesses who were forced to become quasi COVID police
• The South Australians who have died needlessly due lockdowns, restrictions of alternative treatment protocols, and the role out of a newly developed leaky COVID drug.

I genuinely hope you have been unwittingly caught up in the Global Pharma Conspiracy which is being unravelled daily, but spoken about in this clip by Dr Aseem Malhotra (Full Presentation or even the “Mass formation Psychosis” so well-articulated by Professor of Psychology at Ghent University, Mattias Desmet.
But I suspect South Australians may never find out unless you are eventually put under oath in front of a Jury.
I look on in cautious anticipation on how you continue to assert the power of Public Health Policy and Pandemic Response in your unelected capacity over the people of South Australia.

Mark Neugebauer
South Australian concerned about the overreach of Public Policy