Australians Have Woken Up to the C0VID ‘Vaxxine’ Fraud

Australians Have Woken Up to the C0VID ‘Vaxxine’ Fraud

By Craig Kelly

Although the majority still won’t admit it, Australians have woken up to the Covid ‘vaccine’ fraud

Even though the MSM continues to hide the truth, almost every Australian knows someone that has been killed or injured by these experimental injections – and they are no longer lining up like sheep for further ‘booster’ shots

They know in their hearts, ‘Craig Kelly was right’

And with the data globally showing the more you inject, the more you infect – the Criminal Covid Cartel’s claims of ‘Safe & Effective’ has been exposed as a complete lie.

The question now is, what is the government going to do with 150 million ineffective & dangerous doses the Liberals bought from Big Pharma ?

Has the taxpayer already paid (perhaps around $5,000,000,000) to Big Pharma for these ?

Are we contractually obliged to pay for them ?

The UAP calls for the Govt. to instruct the ACCC to commence action against Pfizer & Moderna for misleading & deceptive conduct, so these contracts can be cancelled & we get our money back.

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