Push To “Vaxxinate Infants” Is a Clown Show

Push To “Vaxxinate Infants” Is a Clown Show

By Igor Chudov

Proposals to Give Covid Vaccine to Babies Would be Laughed Out in Any Normal Country

Several substackers whom I highly respect, posted incredibly insightful articles, delving deeply into intentionally obfuscated reports provided by Big Pharma to make the FDA approve “infant Covid vaccines”. These Substack articles dug into numbers, deciphered the undecipherable, and pointed out flaws in vaccine justifications, hidden injuries, and exposed the true aims of vaccine companies who want to avoid liability for fraud and injuries. I will miss some references, but here are the two articles that I want to cite:

There are many other great posts, of course, and I apologize for not including more.

As well-sourced and insightful these analyses are, I want to point out something else: the fact that the FDA is even entertaining these ridiculous “Covid Vax for Babies” proposals is laughable. I have a feeling that I am watching “Idiocracy” and they are just joking.

In any country with a functioning regulator and honest press, both press and regulators would laugh out drug companies who would put forth a proposal so nonsensical as “Infant Covid Vaccine”. Instead, they will be approved this week. I will show why.

Everything about this “childhood vaccination” plan is just plain farcical.

Wuhan Variant Vaccines – in 2022?

Both Pfizer and Moderna propose to vaccinate small children against the “Wuhan Virus” that went extinct over two years ago. Why is that? Are they expecting the Wuhan virus to resurge again as people fantasized about the Titanic emerging from ocean waters and sailing as if nothing happened?

Why is nobody from the FDA is even asking a question: why did Pfizer and Moderna choose to vaccinate small kids with the long-extinct Wuhan virus vaccine in the second half of 2022? Would the antigenic fixation on an irrelevant variant prevent kids from forming proper immunity?

Everyone is pretending like this is nothing to be questioned.

Much marketing brouhaha is now directed at the frustrated vaccinated adult population, suffering from endless reinfections, with promises of a “new enhanced variant vaccine”. Mind you, the “variant vaccine” will not work, precisely because of the antigenic fixation of these adults on the thrice-injected Wuhan variant.

The FDA does not notice the apparent contradiction between where it is going for adults (new “variant vaccine” attempts), and where it is going with small children (injecting kids with Wuhan variant in the second half of 2022). It seems like nobody else notices that, as well. And nobody cares.

3mcg or 25mcg? Whatever, Nobody Cares

Pfizer wants the youngest children to get 3 micrograms in a Pfizer dose. Moderna wants these tiny infants to receive a MORE THAN EIGHT TIMES the amount, of 25 mcg in a Moderna dose.

Mind you, Moderna’s or Pfizer’s vaccine is about the same thing: spike protein mRNA surrounded by lipids. What’s different is the amount, expressed in micrograms. Did anyone at the FDA ask a question: what is the correct amount? 3 mcg or 25 mcg? One of them surely must be the wrong amount! Why is one company proposing an over EIGHT TIMES greater dose? If they did not ask that question, why didn’t they ask it?

Moderna wants to give infants, who weigh 18 lbs at 6 months, 25 mcg of mRNA nanoparticles. That means that infants will receive 2.76 times more Moderna vaccine per pound of weight, than 200 lb adults get in the adult 100 mcg dose.

Does it bother anyone at Moderna or the FDA that infants will get almost THREE TIMES MORE vaccine per pound of weight than adults? Obviously, no, since no one is asking.

Moderna is Banned For Young Adults in Europe; US Gives Even Higher Dose to INFANTS

Moderna is banned for young people in many countries in Europe. The reason is well known and it is because of an even greater rate of adverse events than from the Pfizer vaccine, due to the greater dose that is given by Moderna (100 mcg vs 30 mcg for Pfizer).

This fact is not mentioned anywhere in the submitted FDA documents and it is obvious that the FDA officials either do not read newspapers or choose to ignore this data (guess which it is).


  • If Moderna is banned in Europe due to too large a dose and greater adverse effects
  • And if Moderna proposes a THREE TIMES GREATER (per lb) dose for infants than it does for those young adults –

– then, shouldn’t the FDA at least stop for a minute and think about what they are doing, approving a vaccine that is banned in Europe, but for much younger persons and in three times greater quantity per unit of weight? Of course, the FDA does not stop and think. Why? Because they do not care.

Pfizer Vaccine Efficacy for Infants based on THREE Covid CASES

You might think that I am joking: Pfizer’s submission calculating vaccine effectiveness for the 6-23 months of age group, is based on three (3) COVID cases (for both placebo and vaccine groups). Only three Covid cases form the basis of a claim that this vaccine is “effective”. Come again? Just three covid cases should determine the FDA’s decision for millions of kids?

It’s gotta be disinformation. Igor must surely be kidding.

I wish I was kidding.

Seriously, the FDA is, with a straight face, planning to give a vaccine to millions of American infants, based on three Covid cases? Isn’t that a little crazy?

Think about it: we have the fate of millions of infants, with unique circumstances, unique genetics, diverse ethnic backgrounds, and undeveloped immune systems, decided on the basis of THREE COVID CASES? Am I missing anything?

It is not much better for 2-4 year olds, whose fate will be decided by the FDA tomorrow on the basis of SEVEN COVID CASES.

Couldn’t the FDA ask for more participants? How can they decide the fate of millions of small children and infants, based on three Covid cases in the infant subgroup and seven cases in 2-4 yo subgroup?

Isn’t that a little reckless?

Small Treatment Groups Selected to Hide Vaccine Injuries

Treatment groups were selected to be very small. Only 376 babies 6-23mo received the Pfizer vaccine. How can we expect any safety signal to emerge from such small groups?

Why was the group of 376 babies not made ten times bigger? Surely the FDA cares enough to pick a treatment group that could expose safety signals in infants? Or does the FDA not care to find safety signals? Do they want to keep American infants safe?

Infants’ immune systems are different from adults and surely, it would be crazy to decide the fate of millions of infants on the experience of just 376 ones in the Pfizer trial.

Pfizer Vaccine Creates Severe Cases

Courtesy @JikkyLeaks: 6 severe cases of Covid were in the vaccinated group, and only ONE was in the placebo group. Read it again?

Unless this small sample resulted in a statistical fluke, more severe outcomes in a vaccinated group actually suggest that the vaccine creates “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement”, or ADE. Vaccination makes these young kids worse off instead of better off. FDA does not care.

Infants will Have Six Vaccine Exposures in a Year

I pulled the text below from my recent article.

Imagine a vaccine enthusiast mother, who gets three doses during her pregnancy. Say, two doses during month 4 and one during the last week of pregnancy. The unborn baby is, obviously, exposed to all that.

Then the baby is born.

If the June 14-15 FDA meeting goes as planned, FDA will approve a three-dose Pfizer vaccine for infants. So shortly after being exposed to THREE doses of mRNA vaccines prenatally, the recently born 6 months old baby will get THREE MORE Pfizer mRNA shots.

That’s a total of, drumroll, six spike protein, and nanoparticle exposures. Six exposures, within close to one year, when the fetus and then the newborn child still undergoes formation.

And what if the mom and the baby have several Covids while being pregnant, or before the baby reaches six months of age? The FDA could not care less.

They will ask the mom to vaccinate the baby regardless of those covid infections. This literally amounts to six doses within a year or close to, without even counting actual covids that the vaxed moms and newborns have.

Do you think that it is a little bit too much?

Documents Released 2 Days Prior to Avoid Press Coverage

What is the reason to release hundreds of pages of documents just two days before the meetings? The answer is obvious: to avoid newspaper and media coverage as it takes at least a day to read the submissions — and by then it is too late to publish anything.

The Insanity of this Cannot Be Overstated

I believe that I explained fairly well why any reasonable, critically-minded person would laugh at these vaccine proposals as presented.

If we were in the midst of a plague that was killing thousands of children every day, I would understand some rush, a few corners cut, etc. But on the majority of days, no child dies of Covid, thankfully.

So what is the emergency, you will ask? Why such a mad rush to get Covid Vaxx approved for children under 5, right now?

There is indeed an emergency. The emergency is that Pfizer and Moderna produced fraudulent vaccines, that were fraudulently tested, and are painfully obviously hurting the vaccinated as of this month. They realize that they will be facing responsibility very soon, within months.

However, getting these vaccines approved for children under 5 will give vaccine companies ironclad protection from scrutiny and liability, and thus will shield the FDA from responsibility as well, since there is no point in investigating shielded companies. Toby Rogers explains this better than I:

Original Source: https://igorchudov.substack.com/p/push-to-vaccinate-infants-is-a-clown?s=r