The Head of the CDC’s Outside Committee on Vaccine Safety Does Not Want to See the Safety Data Collected by the Israeli Ministry of Health

The Head of the CDC’s Outside Committee on Vaccine Safety Does Not Want to See the Safety Data Collected by the Israeli Ministry of Health

By Steve Kirsch

I finally got a response to my question to ACIP Chair Grace Lee about whether she wants to see the COVID vaccine safety data from Israel. She called the cops on me. I have the whole thing on video.

Stanford Professor Grace Lee is the Chair of the CDC’s outside committee on vaccine safety. I tried everything I could think of to get her attention on the critical Israeli vaccine safety information. She ignored me and called the cops. I have the whole thing on video. She cannot now claim plausible deniability.

Executive summary

I was able to establish, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the chair of the ACIP committee, who is arguably the most important person in the world who should want to see the Israeli safety data that was hidden since March of 2022 by the Israeli government, does not want to see the data.

She should be fired. You simply cannot have a chair of a critical safety committee relied upon by the entire world who is not interested in seeing critical safety data that shows the vaccines are not safe.

Yet nobody is speaking out about this. Did the rules of science change? Is it now OK to ignore any data that goes against your belief system?


When you read this article, keep in mind the following:

  1. It is critical that Dr. Lee see this safety information. It is an urgent matter of public health. Millions of people are being injured or killed by these vaccines, often permanently such as in this case.
  2. All my previous attempts to get her to pay attention to this data failed.
  3. After failing all reasonable methods, I tried a final method which is used by process servers for serving legal documents. Dr. Lee doesn’t work in her office at Stanford so they only place to serve her is at her house which is effectively “her office.”
  4. That finally ended up working and I saw receipt of the message.
  5. Nothing I did went above and beyond what a legal process server would have done.
  6. I simply ensured that the right person was notified of key data and systematically escalated the methods used until the goal was achieved.


Ever since writing my article on the Israeli safety data on Sept 2, 2022, I have been trying to ask the head of the ACIP committee, Stanford Professor Grace Lee, if she wanted to see the data.

Surely, she would want to see this data. How could she not want to see the data? She is arguably the top vae safety person in the world outside of the CDC.

Dr. Martin Kulldorff wanted to see the Israeli data and he has similar credentials (Harvard Professor, formerly on FDA and CDC committees, highly respected in the vaccine community). But he has no active role in vaccine safety. It’s not his job. Yet he wanted to see the data since he’s in the vaccine field.

Unlike Dr. Kulldorff, it’s Dr. Lee’s job to be aware of the safety data for the vaccine. It’s her most important responsibility. If there is a single person in the world who would be most interested in seeing the vaccine safety data, it should be Dr. Lee.

Just to double-check my logic, I asked Martin why would anyone in an official position of responsibility on vaccine safety NOT want to see the Israeli data? He said, “I don’t know.”

So the default assumption is that Dr. Lee would want to see the data as well, just like Dr. Kulldorff.

Oddly, Dr. Lee didn’t respond to my respectful emails asking if she wanted to see the data. If she had responded either yes or no, that would have been the end of it. But I heard nothing.

I don’t give up so easily. So I texted her cell phone.

And that didn’t work either! Again, no response. She could have simply responded “no” and that would have been the end of it. Baffling!

Perhaps her text messages weren’t working? This happened to my AT&T phone recently where text messages didn’t work until AT&T reset my messaging.

I knew how important this data was to the world and surely she would want to see it but clearly my messages must simply be buried in all the emails and text messages she gets or something else was getting in the way. My question deserves an answer because lives are at stake!

It would not be right for me to give up at this point without trying every option at my disposal to get her attention on this matter.

Since she conveniently lives just 10 minutes from my house, I went to her front door and rang the doorbell. I waited and waited for her to answer the door, but nobody came to the door. So I left.

I’ve tried this multiple times. I guess I keep missing her. Darn.

Today I tried again. This time I waited because there was a light on inside the house. I waited about 20 minutes for her to answer the door. After all, she could be on zoom call, taking a shower, or doing something important like feeding the dog.

I just wanted an answer… “why don’t you want to see the data?” That’s it.

After around 20 minutes of waiting at her door, I gave up, went back to my car, and wrote a nice note asking if she wanted to see the data, and attached it to the hook on her front door.

The note said:

Dr. Lee,

Do you want to see the Israeli safety data? Please let me know yes or no. Lives are at stake. Steve Kirsch 650-xxx-xxxx.

Here’s the image of the note (the hole was where it was attached to the door hook):

The note I attached to Dr. Lee’s door. I blurred my phone number in the photo. This is from the live video (the police officer is holding the note).

As I was leaving, I was greeted by two Palo Alto police officers.

So I started my video camera to record the only proof of delivery I was ever going to get.

Clearly, she was at home and didn’t want to answer the door and have a friendly conversation about the scientific data that could save hundreds of thousands of lives.

She has a Ring doorbell. She could have said “Hello, who is there?”

But no. She chose to remain completely silent and call the police.

I guess that’s the way science works today: you are never supposed to actually speak with anyone with opposing views, even if they have lifesaving information not available elsewhere.

I handed the note I had put on her door to the officer and I saw him share it with her as I walked to my car. So the message was delivered for sure… by the Palo Alto Police!

So if she didn’t know already, she knows now why I was there and there is now a public record of the delivery to the officer.

And there was no call on my cell phone after that. This means that she was notified and declined to see the data, jeopardizing lives.

The bottom line is this: I went the extra mile to eliminate any possible plausible deniability excuse. Even if I had Fedex’ed the offer to see the data, she could say she never saw my FedEx. Now she cannot claim she never saw it.

Here’s the video of the incident:


So now I finally have closure. The answer is, “I received your message and no, I don’t want to see the safety data showing scientific proof that the vaccines are not safe, and I’m not going to tell you why I don’t want to see the data either.”


Thanks to the Palo Alto Police for handling this incident properly.

The officers handled it well. I have no complaints.

Why do doctors close their eyes to medical injuries?

Many people in the medical field will intentionally close their eyes to the possibility a medical injury occurred or data showing that a drug they endorsed is toxic. Here’s why:


I was proud that I did everything I possibly could do to draw Dr. Lee’s urgent attention to this very important safety issue. I wonder if she is equally proud of ducking my question, refusing to answer her door, and calling the cops on me for trying to bring this issue to her attention?

Finally, it’s not just me they are ignoring. The BBC is taking the credit for having a group of over 300,000 vaccine injured removed from Facebook:

Once the BBC alerted Facebook’s parent company, Meta, the groups were removed.

So the world’s top vaccine outside regulator doesn’t want to see the safety data from the Israeli Ministry of Health, and the BBC is engaging in deplatforming the vaccine injured so they don’t have a voice either.

Nobody in charge wants to know about what the data really shows, and the mainstream press wants to make sure you only hear their side of the narrative.

We should all be very concerned about both of these developments and demand answers.

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