Food Supply Shutdown: Deer, Fish, Pigs Euthanized; Crops Not Planted

Food Supply Shutdown: Deer, Fish, Pigs Euthanized; Crops Not Planted

By Ice Age Farmer

An observing alien species would ask itself, “Why is humanity destroying ALL of their food sources?” In this special Ice Age Farmer broadcast, Christian has a candid conversation about the overwhelming number of attacks on our food supply. With crops unplanted and with more food facilities burning down, the media runs stories about “food fire conspiracy theories.” And it’s not just chickens — the state is also killing deer and fish in the name of stopping diseases. Start growing food now.

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This monitoring of ice age Farmer is now unbelievable. Everything he has pointed out is factual but “they don’t want people aware”

James R
Our farmers and breeders are under attack and we must help them.

Homestead For A Living
This is a time of opportunity! For those of us who know how to grow food and create solutions, our value is exponentially increasing. Let’s not just feed ourselves; let’s feed our communities!

The Mrs.
My husband is a salmon fisherman here in northern Michigan. Last September during the salmon run he saw several DNR (Dept of Natural Resources) workers putting something in the river. They told him it was invasive lamprey control to protect the salmon. He told them that in all his years salmon fishing, he’s only seen evidence of lampreys once or twice, and the salmon population was healthy. Nevertheless, the told him they had a grant to rid the Great Lakes waters of lamprey and the salmon would not be harmed. He went back the next day and there were dozens of dead or half-dead salmon floating on the river and on the banks. He was so mad. No clue what that did to the other fish, frogs, and freshwater life in the river. We still can’t understand how or why that happened.

My husband and two other men in my community made 27 raised planters for free out of old pallets last weekend. They delivered them to people who wanted to grow food but could no longer get on the ground. Seniors and physically challenged. Basically fixed incomes but they knew they could still help. Seeds were then donated from others who have always gardened. Others volunteered to go around to them and help with soil. Build a community. At first it felt weird/awkward but people we’re already feeling uneasy and all they needed was someone to get it started. People are now calling us… asking how can they help. Everyone is useful and valuable! Please take care everyone!

Every time I see that you’ve dropped a new video I am both excited to learn more and terrified to learn more about what’s going on right now but thank you for your hard work and diligence in bringing this information to us.

It’s a well orchestrated plan.. and it’s mind blowing how many people just don’t see it…

Margaret Chaves
Thank You Christian for sharing and informing what is really going on. Everyone Prepare Prepare and Prepare. Blessings Always.It’s been done before and this continues again.

Flip Tables 2020
Why generations traded in plush fields of crops for gross fast food and stinky grocery stores is beyond me. Driving through the U.S. it is extremely questionable why anyone is homeless or why there would ever be a food shortage. But here we are……

Kim Dalton
We’ve already planted potatoes and corn and today we got our tomatoes and peppers planted. Next week we’ll plant onions and watermelon. In 2 weeks we’re planting more potatoes and a month from now – we’re planting sweet potatoes. We’re hoping to have an abundant harvest to feed our family, can some to eat next Winter, and to share with others. Thank you for all that you do. God bless you.

Stacy Cole
We’re in Iowa. We’ve definitely been delayed by weather. On one hand, the rain is good as we have portions of the country in drought. It does delay planting. Overall, that’s farming. When you have that planting window, everyone goes full out and gets it done. I have faith in our farmers to get it done. Farmer strong!

That is outrageous that they are saying you are Russian disinformation! Thank you for the excellent information you provide and every prepping channel that I’ve belonged to has always mentioned your channel at one time or another, you are an excellent resource for reliable information.

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