Situation Update, Sep 27, 2022 – UN Food Chief Warns of “Hell on Earth” from FAMINE – Time to HIDE Your Food!

Situation Update, Sep 27, 2022 – UN Food Chief Warns of “Hell on Earth” from FAMINE – Time to HIDE Your Food!

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Monster Storm

5:10 Food Shortage

12:45 How to Hide Food

35:35 Breaking News

44:22 USA

1:05:50 Daniel Watkins and Michael Hamilton

– Panic buying of supplies in Florida, ahead of Hurricane Ian (people still aren’t prepared)
– Now the UN reports what Natural News warned about nearly two years ago: #Famine
– Entirely predictable: Governments will soon start PRICE CONTROLS and RATIONING
– Before long, they will attempt to criminalize “hoarding” and seize food from people
– It’s time to HIDE your food.
– Specific tips and strategies: Five levels of hiding food, concealment, encasement and more
– How to hide your food from food-sniffing dogs
– News about the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage that just happened
– Armed BLACK groups march in Austin, demanding secure border and reparations
– Interview with two attorneys who are suing US hospitals and doctors over #remdesivir deaths

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Hiding food. For the remaining time that I am here on the earth, I am going to farm my homestead. I am growing poultry, fowl, eggs, beef and cheese (dairy) in homestead quantities but with enough extra for barter, sale, family, neighbors. I will also teach and help others in my community to do the same. Kind of like we used to do in small communities all across America in the days before 1980. Some small rural areas still do this a bit. We can bring it all back though. The community will repel all predators and parasites together.

Truly apologize, you had to endure this horrific intimidation by these indoctrinated doctors, foaming at the mouth for their $250k per death. My heart felt your struggle, thru your story.

Steve Stojanovich
Prayers for the lawyers!
In Ontario Canada there is a $500M lawsuit against the Retirement Homes for murdering our seniors.

Klaus Barbie
Hide your good food but take the food that is out in the open such is in your pantry and either poison it or can up food that is already poison. Can up green beans, beets and carrots, but put a pinch of soil in the bottom of each jar and can them so that they will produce botulism. Can pickles with dill and water hemlock. Extract poison from jimsonweed, moon seeds, oleanders, daffodils, rhododendron, rosary peas, castor beans. Can foods that have been cooked in motor oil. Anyone who eats them will have all there muscles seize up and they will suffocate. The people that take your food won’t be coming back for more.

On my side of the mountain/hill, I think I am the only one who has a cistern. It is in the ground (12-18 inches) and I have camo tarps, so in case of power outage for long periods of time, if the neighbors I don’t know – they will want my water!

I thought this out yesterday when I first heard about it, I think the leadership of the US are so evil, I think we did it? I do not put it past the US to do this to make Russia look guilty! They will do anything to remain in power or to extend their power – I totally believe that – evil is as evil does!


I don’t know what kind of water filter to buy. I have a well but it could be poisoned anytime I suppose? I would like to know what kind of filter to buy for creek water….for when SHTF

You cannot hide firearms from a trained dog by using other scents to overpower the firearm smells. As a former military dog handler, I can tell you that a dog can tell if your beef stew has carrots in it from rooms away. You must package food or firearms in airtight containers, clean the exterior of the container with solvents and/or a propane torch, and then seal that in another airtight wrapping, such as a bodybag or several layers of visqueen garbage bags. Then conceal the stash underground.

If you have a secret room, an ozone generator, such as the ones from Mike’s buddy “Filters Suck”, will eliminate the airborne odors. There are also ozone sprays available in hunting supply stores. They work great for hiding your scent while in a deer blind, and will also serve to wipe odors from your stash. They can be used in lieu of the solvent wash of your stash containers.

Carol Dickinson
I highly recommend everyone learn about wild edibles… (free online version of book). This is how the Indians and many of the settlers first survived before their crops were ripe to eat. There is a MULTITUDE of wild edibles all around us. Enough to survive. God has not left us stranded. He has supplied all our needs. I recommend buying the book form, so if the grid goes down you will still have a physical copy to go by. This is the BEST wild edible book by far. I have many… but this surpasses them all! It is free online… and you can buy his physical book… on the same website.

Leland Jossy
We need to find the name at the very top who gave the rimdesevere orders. If it is a whole group of them then they are all equally guilty of racketeering. Apparently we can’t hold them responsible for individual deaths because there’s no way to prove if that patient would have lived or not but we can definitely prove that they participated in a racket got exposed people to a much higher death rate and therefore they are all guilty of mass murder.

AE Evolution
Nice advice for hiding food but sadly I live in a block apartment so can’t use any of these techniques.

Squirrels make the original Brunswick stew. Corn, Lima beans, tomatoes, and squirrel meat.

Leland Jossy
In the words of Dr. Pam Popper, thefounderfor he said that we must make sure that these criminals never ever get to do anything like this ever again. Until her dying day she intends to fight and see them held accountable for their crimes. Please check into all of the lawsuits that we have going. Everybody please help promote this Citizen funded organization with many many lawsuits happening simultaneously.

Rist Rocket
Has been determined the two pipelines was sabotage as of Tuesday afternoon.


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