Situation Update – Countdown Timetable to Russian Retaliation With NUKES or EMP

Situation Update – Countdown Timetable to Russian Retaliation With NUKES or EMP

By Health Ranger Report

Based on facts that have now been made public, it is clear that the USA and NATO are gearing up for a massive military counterattack against Russian forces in Ukraine. Based on the idea that it takes a few months to build up logistics, hardware and personnel, the likely timeline for this counterattack appears to be around the July / August time frame.

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War Profit
Russians aren’t the enemy, demoncrats are.

Randy Mason
Russia and possibly are the only powerful threats that can stop the NWO from slaughtering most of the global population and enslaving the rest. Its not in the NWO’s best interest to start a nuclear war but if these satanic powers feel they are losing the battle with Russia and jeopardizes their world conquest they will use the CIA/FBI to create that false flag trigger event in Ukraine that NATO can blame on Russia that will send the missiles flying. The USA’s biggest challenge other than getting nuked
is the UN/ WHO Pandemic Treaty that 190 countries and the USA traitors commit to will render all current forms of government useless including our God given individual freedoms and rights as Americans. We the people must band together to stop this complete tyrannical takeover. Peaceful protests at this point are useless so we know what needs to be done.

“Peaceful protests at this point are useless so we know what needs to be done.” Peaceful protests and petitions go exactly nowhere. They are interpreted as signs of weakness. Did the American Revolution succeed with such tomfoolery? Or was it something else?

The revolution succeeded because sam adams was a gangster who used false flags to frame great britain as a tyrannical ruler on the back of a small tax that was implemented on the goods being shipped over seas to the colonists. Most of the individuals that signed the declaration of independence were freemasons as well.

The best strategy against an enemy is to get them to destroy themselves. Bait them and distract them with contentions of interest and keep them at each other as long as you can. Watch them tear each other down. Step in when enough of them are destroyed.It’s less work. This is how I feel about all political parties. The real enemy is in all parties and that is how you ultimately maintain control. Have you seen the November 10, 2021 broadcast? The real enemy is not human and no human can save us. We absolutely need the Most High Creator of heaven and earth to intervene.

Few, very few persons in this Country have even an inkling of what you are talking about. The False Flag method of providing an avenue of military, or other, entanglement. FFs have worked so good for the Deep State, we cannot expect them to change tactics. What a Chicken Sh#t way to start a war.

Russia is Christian, just not Roman Catholic Christian. Roman has been trying to conquest Russia since 1054 A.D when they sent the Pope spiritual empire packing.

biden’s disinfo queen looks like a dude.

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