Situation Update, Sep 19, 2022 – Giant Homeless Encampments Set to Explode Across US

Situation Update, Sep 19, 2022 – Giant Homeless Encampments Set to Explode Across US

By Health Ranger Report

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Here is something happening in my state capital Denver CO
People at the end of their lease are being hit with HUGE rent increases so they have to move out.
Days later the same rental is occupied by multiple illegals.
I bet this is occurring in many areas.

Anyone homeless reading this, you should go to Martha’s Vineyard. I heard Kamala and Obama’s mansions are open to migrants.

I have been seeing homeless camps under river and highway bridges. Very sad to see. The smell of human waste and garbage can be unbearable if you get too close. This kind of stuff shouldn’t be happening in a great country like ours! The Fed’s and Soro’s have deep pockets to bring people illegally into our country, but no money to fix the homeless population!

Star Letty
About 12 years ago I had a group of teenagers squatting in my front yard. I called the police and they told me to tell them to leave and I told them that was their job. They told me it was not their job. I told them some body was going to get hurt. I looked the police in their eyes and they knew I meant business. The police went out side and told them to leave and I didn’t have anymore problems.

Mike. Why bother to move! My logic is this; if the voting machines (Dominion) are not removed than any state that was RED can be changed to BLUE. Why bother to relocate if votes can be altered? We saw an entire nation which was “mostly” red changed in 2 hours in the early hours the day after the elections. Newsom is still Governor when millions upon millions voted to “Recall him” and he’s still destroying the beautiful “City by the Bay” and others like them. By the way, California was dark pink on voting night. Mike, most governors, mayors and leading politicians are the “shameless and illegal squatters” that you are talking about.

Why do you need a pistol if you know ju-jitsu? Remember the movie Indiana Jones when all the bad guys were gonna fight him and pulled knives on him? He pulled out his pistol from a distance and shot em!! “get ‘er done!”

Klaus Barbie
Now would be a good time to install several hundred feet of PEX tubing into your home and have it buried to some concealed area whatever distance away that is necessary for you to not be seen. Have your tank of carbon monoxide pre installed and well hidden but do not connect the hose. 800ppm Dizziness, nausea and convulsions within 45 minutes. Unconsciousness within 2 hours. Death within 2-3 hours. 1600ppm Headache, dizziness and nausea within 20 minutes. Death within 1 hour. Just turn on the gas and wait. Drag out the corpses and dispose of.

Sources are very much like wild imaginations! Who knows what is the correct answer??? Every one has theories! I have been seeing unusual infrastructure investments that kind of goes against a complete collapse. But I do think there is a shift coming in the future of humanity. Things are not what they seem, but we will have to wait and let whatever play itself out!

Andre Heise
I bought 60 more liters kerosene today here in Denmark. It is sold completely out in more than half of the places. I guess many Germans are buying it here in huge amounts, fearing the coming winter. Danes are pretty relaxed and know of nothing. They got a huge payment from our government to compensate for the exploding energy prices. Germans got something, but it’s like a drop of water on a hot stone.


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