Situation Update, Sep 22, 2022 – Russia Mobilizes 300,000 for ESCALATION of Continental War with NATO

Situation Update, Sep 22, 2022 – Russia Mobilizes 300,000 for ESCALATION of Continental War with NATO

By Health Ranger Report

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I have been thinking about the accusation against Jones, how horrible he is to profit from the sales of his products. Here are the thoughts that came to me. Does Jones profit from supplements? Possibly. Do pharmaceutical companies profit from sales? Absolutely!! What about the consumer? What do they profit? I did not from profit pharmaceuticals… I lost my health & money but With Jones products I gained my health. Regaining Health is a profit that is priceless. Who deserves to profit? God bless the Infowar ? God bless Heath Ranger. I have a list of those who have helped me heal through their products & I am forever thankful.

Steve Stojanovich
John Moore is another brainwashed Putin hater. Russian government is a good CHRISTIAN GOVERNMENT. Russia is FREER than America. tHEIR QUALITY OF LIFE IS MUCH HIGHER THAN THE WEST.
Putin has said many times he does not want to destroy Ukraine he wants the nazis removed, Ukraine neutrality, and territory returned to Russia where the population is all Russian. Do you dumbasses ever listen to PUTIN’S SPEECHES?

No, that is the real senile incompetent dufus known as Joe Biden. They are pumping him full of some kind of pharmakia cocktail every day just to keep him vertical.

Im so sick of listening to this forced brainwashing and mis-information about what Hilter, the 3rd Reich of Germany and the good Germans were up against. ITS NOT THE NAZI’s… Its the “ASHKA-NAZI Jews, NOT the German National Socialists. Its Jewish Supremacy NOT White Supremacy, NOT Hitler and the Germans. Hitler knew who was doing all the killing and he still pleaded for peace. The Jews wanted war in England and the US. The same people that are responsible for the Globalist take over and the Vax genocide is the remnants of the Bolshevick Jews, 9-11 was all the Kazarian and Ashka-Nazi Jews. They have taken over the US Government. “The Synagogue of Satan”, NOT Hitler and the National Socialists. Americans are so History retarded.

The globalists’ plan is to eliminate mankind, first and foremost. In order to accomplish that, Russia (along with others) need to go and the current situation in Ukraine has been engineered by the globalists to provoke the invasion of Ukraine. Before Russia invaded Zelenski announced he was breaking all previous agreements of neutrality and would become a nuclear power. Ukraine has been supported by the globalists (hence the nations lining up against Russia even to their own detriment including the Neocons of the USA). The Americans that have kept themselves informed are also victims of the Neocons… The Neocons and the nations think now that they’ll be on the winning side but all involved are creating their own destruction and ours. It is time for peace talks NOW! Put in tried to initiate peace talks but to no avail. (The world media, controlled by the globalists, only want you to believe the worst about Russia, but they have actually been the aggressors all along.)

Tom in MO
In Mike Judge’s great movie Idiocracy, everyone in the movie was white except the President. The reality is the the white and Asian people tend to be more educated, on average. Judge was being too polite. The math-is-racist theme, CRT, BLM and Antifa brainwashing, participation trophies, sexual confusion etc etc will all lead us to the idiocracy as depicted in the movie. The moronic masses of the future ain’t gonna look white, and at this rate it’s gonna take a couple of generations, not 500 years.

Steve Stojanovich
OF COURSE, SATAN, LUCIFER RUNS AMERICA. We must destroy the devils.
The BIBLE says it is ok to HATE EVIL. Donbass has volunteers from around the world who want to kill evil, including 1 TEXAN. See the Texan in Donbass on you tube.

AMERICANS ARE COMPLETEY BRAINWASHED,now biden went to the UN and tryed to get Russia kicked out,BUT THE UN SAID WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING 85 NATIONS ,BIDEN told them,, americans love HATE, DEATH AND WAR,the UN charged america with WAR CRIMES in those nations,IF america doesn’t round up every one in the GOVERNMENT to stand TRIAL FOR WAR CRIMES,.ALL the member nations of the UN will do it for you,and they will KILL anyone who gets in their way,WELL THE STUPIDEST NATION IN HISTORY is about to be destroyed,They love EVIL leaders,and blood in the streets,ONLY this time it will be americans BLOOD on the ground..and in the streets..IDIOTS…

as an election chairperson for 9 yrs back when we had cardboard then paper ballots, each ballot did have its own serial number…and we hand counted them twice.. I wish we could go back to that system..

rebel grandma
I just wish these so called “world leaders” would just step back and take a breath. It just seems these bullies on BOTH SIDES are just not understanding the ENTIRE world will die if they don’t!
I will not live in fear all the drumbeating of a nuke war is fear mongering. When you need to be concerned is when they go against Israel. The Bible foretells THAT is when things get hazardous. What America and all nations are doing is exactly what must and will happen. America will fall and war among all nations WILL happen. The only way you can escape is repent accept Jesus as your King and savior and then you will be saved ..permanently.

Hawaii now known as the mini Philippines Where the constant “immigration programs “ have resulted in massive open cockfighting farms proclaimed by the newspaper as “treasured activity for islands residents” they don’t give a shit about the laws of our country.

If Russian scientists and engineers are as incompetent as the Russian military then there isnt much to be concerned about.
Mike you justify the nickle and dime fraud in your narrative saying that those companies would go out of business without the fraud, but you refuse to discuss why the economy is so tight, that being the central banking religion is looting everything it can, you also refuse to discuss why the central banking religion is permitted to loot everything it can, which is that Americans have already been disenfranchised from representation in their government, ratify article the first of the bill of rights, 50k americans per congressmen, verses todays over 700,000 Americans per Congressmen, no antichirst central banking religions campaign donations are required to campaign to 50,000 americans, but to reach 700,000 that is not really possible to do without campaign donations or preexisting fame.
Mike what makes you think Trump is not a satan/lucifer worshiper? Wasnt Trumps wife aiding epstein? Did not trump just convince hundreds of millions of americans and billions of people around the world to participate in periodic rushed untested dna altering human experimentation clinical trials for c19 vax boosters, isnt that about the most wicked thing possible on the earth? I saw a video yesterday of trump calling for biometric tracking pervasively in america ie mark of the earth beast china, in order to manage illegal immigration, what could be more wicked faithless than calling to track everyone 24x7x365 cradle to grave, to prevent some immigration which never seems to be prevented because they dont want to prevent immigration without immigration legal and illegal america would collapse demographically, but they like to pretend like their on the peoples side, when illegal/legal immigrates take their jobs and relative standard of living never seems to increase for the last 51 years now that america had transitioned to a purely faith based antichrist central banking religion since 1971.

Neither will back down but people seem to forget that the Ukraine is NOT part of NATO and yet you have NATO interfering Putin did warn NATO to stay out of this war. Biden is destroying the American military to protect Zlensko considering they installed him. Whereas Putin wants to remove him, to protect Russia.Ukraine are one off the biggest human traffickers in the world. Did anyone hear Putin’s speech at the beginning of this shitshow one of his lines was ” I know what your doing and I will stop you ” addressing the Cabal back in 2020. That speech is somewhere on Rumble and let’s not forget that Russia has the biggest EMP bombs on the planet and they are more likely to use those before nuclear weapons. It is predicted that Babylon ( America ) will plunge into darkness. May God have mercy on our souls.

Star Letty
Tru news Rick said that the King of Jordan is fighting for Christians being persecuted in Isreal by Jewish people. The King of Jordan is Muslim and he is fighting to keep Christians safe from Jews. This world just getting more upside down.

Babylon must be destroyed, Putin is the hand of God. The 3 capital cities of Babylon today are D.C., City of London and Vatican City.

Steve Stojanovich
America seems to want Europe to burn. In turn Russia may nuke America. Either way we will destroy the demonrats, satanists, traitors, and end this evil.


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