Dump Facebook Messenger and use a truthbook.social messenger app where you won’t be censored for speaking the truth

iOS and Android App Available


A new social media platform Truthbook.social built by the people for the people, a force for good.

iOS and Android App Available


Dump Instagram and join the censor free alternative, TruthPix

Android and iOS App Available


Dump YouTube and join the censor free alternative, TruthTube

Android App Available

Truthbook News

Truthbook.News is real free and independent press, one with no editorial control by the elite, but a publication that can generate critical thinkers and critical debate and hold those spreading mistruths and deliberate propaganda in mainstream media to account.

Truth Coin


Truth Coin” will be listed on selected crypto exchanges in late May 2022 to enable supporters to help fund this critical and much needed alternate social media platform. A platform that’s free from Globalists control, and not censored like big tech is.

Android App Available

Truth Tok

Dump tik tok and share the
truth on truthtok

Android App Available


Tweet the Truth. Censor Free Tweets, Defending Free Speech

Android App Available

Truth Look

A censor free search engine to take some of Google’s large market share and Duck Duck Go’s market share which is now considered Duck Duck Gone, for censoring recently

iOS and Android App Available

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